It's You Vs. Fat

It's tough to melt away FAT in the winter. But FAT's no match for you and Retrofit, the high-tech weight loss program featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Retrofit provides you with a custom weight loss program, proprietary mobile app, wireless activity tracker and scale, and an expert team you meet with via one-on-one Skype video sessions. This unique approach works: Over 90% of active clients are losing weight. Act now.


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How to Get FAT Out of Your Life:

Weight loss quiz

Get to know him

FAT is a creature of habit. To understand how FAT lives, we must first understand how you live. With this 10-minute quiz, Retrofit identifies what's been preventing you from saying goodbye to FAT.

Weight loss app

Don't let him back in

FAT is crafty. He'll find his way into your favorite foods and back into you. But when you start Retrofit, you get a customized plan to stop him from turning your body into his home. And when you use our exclusive Retrofit Nutrition Navigator™ app and online dashboard to log your food choices, FAT doesn't stand a chance.

Wireless activity trackers
Fitbit is a registered trademark and service mark of Fitbit, Inc.

Let him know you're watching

FAT is paranoid. Using the latest wireless devices from Fitbit®, you can monitor your sleep, weight, and physical activity. When you can track your progress from anywhere, anytime, FAT can't sneak back into your life.

Wellness coaches

Introduce him to your
new friends

FAT isn't fond of them. Retrofit matches you with your own Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and Behavior Coach. These experts provide the support and advice you need to get FAT out of your life for good.

Weight loss results

Show him you're serious

FAT is a goner. Retrofit guarantees results. In fact, we promise you'll lose at least 10% of your starting body weight within the first year or you'll get the second year free.

Not convinced? Learn more about why Retrofit is an effective solution for permanent weight loss.

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