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Weight management as data-driven as the rest of our lives.

What You Get

Retrofit brings the best of science to help you change your weight for good.

3 Wellness Experts

Your Registered Dietitian, Behavior Coach, and Exercise Physiologist build your personal weight loss program.

Video Conferencing

Private weekly sessions with your experts are easier to fit into your schedule with online video conferencing.

Personal Data Profile

Your custom program starts with 152 data points and is tailored daily with data from your wireless devices.

Activity Monitoring

A smart activity tracker clips on discreetly to give you feedback on activity by day and sleep by night.

Wireless Scale

A wi-fi body composition scale to step on once a day to keep you honest and your numbers up to date.

Program Advisor

From the first day of weight loss through long-term weight stability, your program advisor is here to help.

The Retrofit Promise

You will lose at least 10 or 15% of your current weight and keep it off through the end of the 12-month program.

If you meet your commitment and do not hit the weight loss goal specific to your personalized plan, we will provide you with a second year of services free.

Your Commitment

  • Complete your online intake form
  • Wear your smart activity tracker everyday
  • Weigh yourself regularly on your wi-fi scale
  • Meet 1:1 each week with your experts
  • Make every effort to eat & exercise according to your expert designed weekly plan

Ready to get started?

We don't succeed if you don't succeed. Literally. The compensation of your expert wellness team is determined by year-end client goal achievement and our success as a company depends on producing the best year-long outcomes for you.

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3 wellness experts assigned to your success

Your wellness expert team includes: a Registered Dietitian, an Exercise Physiologist and a Behavior Coach, who address your specific nutrition, fitness, and mindset challenges. The multi-disciplinary approach provides a wide range of strategies and expertise to meet the unique client needs.

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Video conferences with your team

Private online video conferencing with your wellness expert team each week during your weight loss phase gives you both expert support and accountability, without the hassle of commuting. Sessions can take place with any secure connection point including: a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

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A detailed personal data profile

From the initial client intake questionnaire to the daily readings from wireless devices, you and your wellness team get smarter about building the most successful transition from your current patterns to the healthier lifestyle habits that enable long term success.

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Monitor your steps, calories and more

A tiny wireless activity tracker clips on a waistband, pocket, or even an undergarment to discreetly monitor your activity by day and sleep by night. Clients and expert wellness teams get real-time feedback, to address disappointing results quickly and encourage healthy lifestyle changes long term.

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An internet connected scale to measure
your progress

A wi-fi body composition scale gives you current weight, lean mass to fat ratio, and BMI to keep you honest and your numbers accurate and up to date. The engaging dashboard displays charts and trends. Weighing yourself becomes rewarding, valuable, and even fun.

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A program advisor

Your own program advisor whose primary concern is your satisfaction from the first day of weight loss through long-term weight stability. 12 months of support establishes a lifetime foundation of healthy lifestyle patterns.

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