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Our best value - Retrofit's Advisor program is designed for anyone serious about losing weight. This is a unique, tech-based program that delivers a personalized touch. It starts with a program advisor assigned to you. Serving as your own personal wellness coach, he or she will customize a weight loss plan around your specific weight loss needs. Your advisor has the know-how to improve your dietary habits, your fitness routine, and even your mindset. And using the latest wireless devices, you and your advisor will work together to achieve your goals.


The Advisor program gives you the support, motivation, and know-how you need to lose weight. Here’s what you get:

weight loss advisor

Program Advisor

He or she will design a successful weight loss plan around your needs and lifestyle.

weight loss advisor

Fitbit® Aria™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale

This wireless scale measures your weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. You can sync this information with your computer and see the progress you're making.

weight loss advice

Fitbit® Zip™ Activity Tracker

This touchscreen device keeps track of your steps, distance walked, and calories burned. Sync this information with your computer and visualize your day-to-day progress.

weight loss advice

Private Online Dashboard

From your computer or mobile device, track your steps, see real-time progress, and communicate with your team of experts anytime.

weight loss advice

Video Session

Meet with your advisor monthly through one-on-one Skype videoconferences.

weight loss advisor

Retrofit Me App

Customized by your advisor, this mobile app will help you make smarter, more informed decisions on your meals.

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weight loss advisor

"The biggest difference to me is my Advisor. I know she is likely to be looking at my meal postings and making comments. It keeps me in check and re-focuses me if I am straying too far out. She is the best."

- Tina P., lost 11.1% of her body weight in 18 weeks with the Advisor program

Tina is no exception. In fact, 4 out of 5 Retrofit clients are losing weight, and they're keeping it off. Our average client loses 1/2 to 1 pound per week on the program. Everyone is different, so your results may vary.

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