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Alex Fusman, Director of Digital Marketing

Alex Fusman

Director of Digital Marketing

Go To Snack:

Greek yogurt with raspberries and banana slices

Favorite Homemade or Retrofit Healthy Recipe:

Blue burger with zucchini parmesan wedges

Favorite Activity:

Snowboarding, travel, yoga

About Alex:

Alex has been immersed in digital and content marketing for the past 8 years, working at agencies, corporations and as an independent consultant. His experience includes both organic and paid search, managing complex, multichannel campaigns. His past clients include small businesses as well as multinational B2C and B2B brands including: Hilton, Honda, and InterContinental Hotels Group. His belief that the highest form of fulfillment comes from helping others brought him to Retrofit. In his personal life, Alex works to integrate principles of healthy living, exercise and mindfulness in order to enrich his own life and the lives of those around him.

Alex attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison and University of Illinois in Chicago, earning a degree in Business Administration and Marketing with honors. When he’s not building digital marketing campaigns, he enjoys snowboarding, yoga and travel.