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Scott Brunning, Exercise Physiologist and Team Lead

Scott Brunning

Exercise Physiologist and Team Lead

Go To Snack:

Fruit and veggie smoothie with almonds

Favorite Homemade or Retrofit Healthy Recipe:

Quinoa and spinach salad

Favorite Activity:

Playing hockey, reading, exercising

About Scott:

Scott’s life has been centered around health and wellness. He grew up in Michigan and attended Grand Valley State University to earn his bachelor's degree in Fitness and Wellness, which culminated with an internship at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, Texas. He then earned his master's degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh, where he taught fitness and wellness classes. Scott lives in Chicago, IL, where he enjoys guiding his clients towards healthier lifestyles as a wellness expert for Retrofit. Scott's goal in working with clients is to find a realistic approach to weight loss that fits into each person's life, and to help everyone understand that "healthy living is a journey, not a destination."