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Case Studies

Latest Case Studies from Retrofit

Helping a Multinational Restaurant Company Get Healthier

With an employee population wherein 82% were overweight and 52% obese, a multinational restaurant company desperately needed a new weight management solution to help address the issue of workplace obesity and its associated health care costs.

“My family and I are eating and exercising with more intention…I’ve sustained below 300 lbs. and now aim for below 290 lbs. I contribute this break to your guidance and direction. I also just went on a trip…I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve been able to buckle a seatbelt on a plane without an extender. THAT means a whole lot to me!”
-Program participant

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Major Energy and Utility Company with a Difficult-to-Reach Population

The organization needed an innovative weight-management program to effectively reach and engage these employees and a solution to address the safety and health concerns associated
with their overweight/obese population.


– Enrollment was more than 2x higher than initial target
– 68% lost greater than 2% of their body weight at day 30
– 7% moved out of the morbidly obese category

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Helping a Multi-Campus University Transform Lives

A large university’s employee population faced serious challenges related to workplace obesity. They needed to more tightly control health-care costs and promote a workplace culture of health and wellness. Although they had an existing onsite weight-management program, the location limited participation for staff members and faculty who worked across multiple campuses. Access to fresh produce was a constant challenge for healthy eating. The wellness team needed a more comprehensive, flexible and effective weight-management solution.


– 100% engaged with the program weekly
– 26% had >10% weight loss at 6 months
– 82% found Retrofit to be better than any other tool or program they’ve tried

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