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Creating a Weight Loss Environment

Preparation is Everything

August 22, 2013

Weight Loss Experts agree; creating a weight-loss mindset leads to both initial and lasting success, so having a mental plan prepared ahead of time is essential. One of my college roommates was a Marine and he had a habit of telling us that, "No matter the task, preparation is everything." One spring vacation, a group of us planned a trip, and two days prior my roommate transformed our front room into his "staging area." Everything was well organized and his approach accounted for all the gear we needed for every aspect of the trip.

Losing weight is no different, requiring mental preparation for establishing and maintaining the right habits. Attitude change, along with a strategy to help you stay on track when you face difficult challenges and temptations, is the necessary adjustment your weight loss coach will teach you to lose the weight and keep it off. You need the same level of mental preparation as my friend the Marine exhibited. Formulate a plan for the places where it is far too easy to succumb to temptation, the locations and situations where most of us are at risk, which include the home, the office, and at social events.

At Home

Whether you live alone or with others, the comfort food factor can be problematic. Most of us have "treats" for ourselves or family members in the pantry. Weight loss experts suggest eliminating unhealthy foods that work against you from shelves and the refrigerator. Throw them out! Replace high-fat, high-sugar foods with healthy snacks. This is especially important if you are a parent. The last thing you want to do is 'teach by example' the practice of eating high-calorie, sugary, or fat-saturated foods.

At The Office

Potlucks, birthday celebrations, and nibbling snacks at the office can be a huge barrier to maintaining a weight-loss regimen. Just because high-calorie food is brought in by others, doesn't mean you need to partake in eating it. Change your mind about what you consume at the office. For special office events, we recommend taking in healthy alternatives such as salads or fruit trays for potlucks, or investigate websites such as Cooking Light for lean alternative dishes. In addition, stay away from the break room that may be loaded with baked goods or someone's birthday cake. Lastly, keep healthy snacks such as an apple or celery at your desk so you have something convenient for when you feel the urge to munch. This makes it easier to avoid splurging on something unhealthy from the vending machine.

Those "Dangerous" Social Events

Let's face it; socializing with food is part of American culture that often contains scrumptious but high-calorie items. Maintaining your weight loss progress without interruption requires diligence, especially when surrounded by certain items at a party or when dining out. Making the choice ahead of time, as well as having a plan in place, is essential to preserve your progress and continue on the same path. Our weight loss experts recommend you research any public venues prior to the activity you will attend to identify healthy alternatives. If alcohol is served, we suggest setting a limit for yourself or alternate with water between cocktails, which will decrease your nightly intake of calories.

Getting yourself in the right mental space is essential for continuous, sustainable weight loss and fitness. A weight loss expert can provide not only invaluable support when you are confronted with tempting scenarios, but also help you formulate simple plans so you won't get distracted from the strategies that will enable you to lose unhealthy weight and achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Matt Lawson Retrofit Behavior Coach

Matt Lawson is a seasoned wellness professional who has worked for over a decade with individuals on their health and fitness goals. He started personal training while finishing his undergraduate degree in Boulder Colorado. Recognizing the role that cognitions play in fitness sent him back to earn a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. Matt’s work combines the education he received at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with his experience in personal training to offer his clients a deeper level of service.

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