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How Retrofit Helped My Golf Game

Nutrition, Exercise & Mindset

August 8, 2013
Golf course

Thanks Retrofit! I recently tested my club head speed and clocked in at 128 mph, a velocity fast enough to generate a +250 yard carry off the tee.

Retrofit weight loss helped me focus on three areas: exercise, nutrition and mindset. These three things have been key to my weight loss, but they also have been vital to my golf game.

Nutrition: Eating the right foods and in the right quantities is 90% of weight loss. By adopting new eating habits, I have been able to drop weight. Carrying less weight around the course has helped my game. I am much more balanced when I swing, leading to more consistency at clubface impact. I am also more balanced with I putt leading to a lot few pushes and pulls.

Exercise: In addition to cardio, Retrofit offered me a strength training program. My effort has made a huge impact in my game: Strengthened glutes, legs, and shoulders have helped with distance off the tee. Improved abs and shoulder strength has helped with accuracy has I am able to reproduce a consistent take away and holding the plane through impact.

Mindset: Let's face it, losing weight is a lot about behaviors and mindset. You have to be mentally tough to lose weight. Retrofit worked with me on my mental toughness around eating and weight. For example, to be successful at weight loss it is important that you don't let a bad meal turn into a bad day. Similarly on the golf course, you can't let a bad tee shot lead to a bad approach and bad putts. Accept the bad choice/shot and move on mentally to the next meal/shot. During a weight loss journey, the scale may not always show you going in the right direction. The same is true with golf. You practice and feel like you are hitting the ball more consistently and the handicap doesn't budge. Then one day you jump on the scale and you lost two pounds, just like one day you will post a personal best nine and start to see the results in your game.

I didn't start the Retrofit program because it would be good for my golf game — but the program has helped me do just that. In fact, I have noticed that my handicap and my weight are dropping at the same rate. I am down about 15% of my body weight and my handicap is also down about 15%.

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Kimberly Williams Chief Operating Officer

Prior to her role at Retrofit, Kimberly served as President of both Restaurant Technology Services and Restaurant Application Development International. Kimberly also served as President of a quarter billion dollar subsidiary of Banta Corporation. In her early career, Williams worked for Boston Consulting Group and Arthur Andersen. She holds a BBA degree from University of Michigan and an MBA degree from University of Chicago.

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