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Scott Brunning

Lead Exercise Physiologist

The holidays are a notoriously busy season. Whether you’re going to visit your loved ones, or they are coming to see you, it can be difficult to fit in your regularly scheduled workouts. Even the best laid plans can go out the window when traveling or preparing for your guests. But just because it’s the holidays and you’re feeling time-starved, does not mean you can give up all exercise; you have to work at keeping your activity levels up.

One great way to incorporate movement into your busy days is NEAT; Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. NEAT includes all of the activity that you do throughout your day other than scheduled workout sessions. The more you move during the day, the more your metabolism starts to activate, which means you will burn more calories. So when time is limited and family commitments are mounting, use NEAT to fit as much activity into your day as possible and keep that metabolism high.

So, how can you fit more activity into your day? Try these simple swaps to keep you moving, feeling energized AND spending time with your loved ones.

When traveling

Swap For
Taking the elevator/escalator       Taking the stairs
Moving walkways Walking instead
Sitting at the airport gate Walking around the terminal

When visiting/having visitors

Swap For
Watching football on TV Throwing a football around outside with family or friends
Driving to neighbors or local restaurants/stores       Walking to neighbors or local restaurants/stores
Post-dinner living room chill out Energizing post-dinner group walk

If you’re feeling really motivated, why not organize a family workout? Be the good influence and gather your loved ones for a walk, jog, football game or any group activity that you can do together. Not only will you have fun and make fantastic holiday memories, you’ll burn some extra calories as well! Shake up your usual traditions and make happy AND healthy
holidays a priority this year.

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