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The Retrofit Hunger Gauge For the Road to Success

Retrofit Featured in Men's Health

October 17, 2013
Men's Health October 2013

In this month's Men's Health magazine, Retrofit Behavior Coach Matt Lawson is quoted in the article titled "Melt Your Gut for Good." Lawson uses the analogy of a personal fuel gauge as he offers expert tips for using visualization techniques for weight loss. After all, losing weight is largely about staying in the right mindset.

Don't Top Off. "Picture a gas gauge in your gut," Lawson tells Men's Health reporter Cindy Kuzma for this month's cover story. "E means you are ravenous and F represents full…"

Hunger awareness is one of the most important concepts that Retrofit wellness experts discuss with new clients. Many clients have a skewed view of what it means to be hungry. Taking the time to really consider satiety is a skill that has been lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life. The Retrofit Hunger Gauge helps individuals better understand the gray area between being empty and being full.

Retrofit Hunger Gauge

This original Retrofit infographic is one of the many tools we use to teach clients how to fuel their bodies. For example, if you let yourself register your Hunger Gauge at empty while driving home, you are much more likely to cruise through a fast-food drive-through or stop at a grocery store to buy processed food. However, if you had a healthy, mid-afternoon snack (i.e. an apple with one tablespoon of peanut butter), you are more likely to head straight home to prepare a nutritional, balanced meal.

Retrofit delivers results with teams of registered dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavior coaches, who work with clients to teach them how to make sustainable behavior changes and eliminate processed foods. A person is more likely to make healthy dietary choices if he or she stays in the right Hunger Gauge zone.

The Hunger Gauge is a useful tool that our clients use to assess their level of hunger and fullness before, during, and after eating. It helps them to identify hunger cues, to understand how different types and different amounts of food affect them, and to learn how to recognize when the urge to eat has been triggered by something other than hunger. The Hunger Gauge was created by Retrofit behavior coaches and dietitians to help clients better understand what real hunger feels like. Most Retrofit clients need to re-learn the true meaning of hunger. The Hunger Gauge helps them through the process of learning what it feels like to be close to starving, hungry, full, and too full.

The Hunger Gauge is a helpful tool for guiding busy clients to make the right choices at home or on-the-go. Clients can refer to the Hunger Gauge when trying to figure out if they are truly hungry, stressed, or just filling a need for comfort. The key to weight loss starts with learning how to use Retrofit's Hunger Gauge on the road to success.

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Amy Margulies Retrofit Registered Dietitian

Amy is the Lead Registered Dietitian at Retrofit and a Certified Diabetes Educator. She has been educating about healthy eating for nearly 20 years. She helps clients find realistic ways to improve their overall health while successfully managing their weight.

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