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Latest Webinars from Retrofit

Retrofit DPP Product Demo V2.0

September 13, 2017

This DPP product demo webinar unveils the exciting new features of Retrofit’s DPP V2.0.

During this 30-minute live webinar, Retrofit Expert Team Lead, Jade Peterson, will walk through what users see, hear and experience when they participate in the Retrofit Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

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Healthy Living Product Demo

July 11, 2017

Presenter: Jade Peterson, Retrofit Expert Team Lead

Retrofit Healthy Living is a scalable and effective weight-management solution designed for your entire population.

In this 30 minute webinar, Jade Peterson, Retrofit Expert Team Lead, will walk you through what participants will experience with Retrofit Healthy Living:

  • Engagement strategies to drive awareness and participation
  • Personalization capabilities with our proprietary personal (lifestyle) quiz
  • Device integration and tracking
  • Tools and resources available to program participants

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Fighting Family Obesity

June 1, 2017

Two CEOs explore the company ROI of weight reduction in the entire family.

Retrofit and Kurbo have partnered to tackle family obesity, and the results are powerful. Join CEOs Mary Pigatti and Joanna Strober as they discuss the challenges, solutions and ROI for helping families manage weight loss, reduce health risks and improve their overall happiness.

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Successful Losers

May 16, 2017

A summary of success factors for long-term weight maintenance from the National Weight Registry and The Colorado Weigh program.

Ever wonder why some people are more successful than others in their weight loss journey? While everyone is unique, there are some commonalities that lead to long-term successful weight loss and maintenance.

Join Retrofit and Dr. James O. Hill, PhD and co-founder of the National Weight Registry, where they examine what attributes best make “successful losers”.

We’ll cover:

  • The National Weight Control Registry data and findings
  • Newly published peer-reviewed research from Retrofit
  • Actionable ideas for driving weight loss for you and/or among your populations

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Retrofit Product Demo: The User Experience

April 27, 2017

Join us for a 30-minute webinar in which Retrofit Expert Team Lead, Jade Peterson, will walk through what users see, hear and experience when they participate in the Retrofit program.

Jade will demonstrate how ‘Joe’, a Retrofit program participant, interacts with all of the various components of the Retrofit program. Together, we will cover:

  • How devices are used to make anytime, anywhere access fit his lifestyle
  • The role personalization plays throughout his experience
  • How his Wellness Expert guides him in his journey
  • The resources available to him to ensure success
  • Celebrating Joe’s progress as he achieves his goals

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Igniting a Passion for Food Leads to Weight Loss

March 23, 2017

Food is Emotional: Two CEO’s perspectives on how mindset, skill-building and social connections play a vital role in best-in-class weight loss programs

Join us as CEO’s Mary Pigatti from Retrofit, and Adam DeVito from Monj, explore key insights about how igniting a passion for food can improve engagement, happiness and sustainable weight loss.

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The Political Outlook for Diabetes Prevention Programs

February 22, 2017

Uncertainty around health care is mounting as President Trump and the new Republican-controlled Congress work quickly to dismantle the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with a new program. Although DPP has broad bipartisan support, many of the policy vehicles used to expand access are tied to the ACA. You, along with your peers, are likely asking what this means for your current benefits programs, and Diabetes Prevention Programs are no exception.

Join us for a joint webinar with Retrofit and the Council for Diabetes Preventionwhere experts will discuss:

  • How ‘Repeal & Replace’ may affect your wellness initiatives, and specifically your diabetes prevention programs.
  • Anticipated impact of legislative and regulatory action on the CDC’s registered DPP programs.
  • Potential challenges and opportunities presented by replacement plans.
  • Strategies to help ensure success with your own DPP amid a shifting landscape.

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Retrofit Diabetes Prevention Program Product Demo

February 15, 2017

Despite impending changes to ACA legislation, Diabetes Prevention Programs remain a critical initiative for organizations because they are value-based and outcomes-driven.

Join us for a 30-minute live webinar in which Retrofit Expert Team Lead, Jade Peterson, will walk through what users see, hear and experience when they participate in the Retrofit Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

Retrofit DPP is a CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program designed to help people reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Personalized coaching from experienced clinicians is enhanced with:

  • Weekly classes
  • Meal planning and logging
  • Activity tracking
  • Peer support

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Diabetes Prevention as A Reimbursable Benefit: Are You Ready?

October 19, 2016

An inside look at the implications of the new ruling & how best to prepare

On January 1, 2018, Medicare beneficiaries who are at risk for diabetes will have improved access to programs that can help them prevent diabetes and its associated health complications and higher health care costs. Diabetes prevention programs represent the first reimbursable preventive service model certified for expansion by the CMS Innovation Center.

Is your organization ready to support DPP? Join our CEO, Mary Pigatti, and Weight-Loss Expert, Jade Peterson, for a webinar where we’ll discuss the ruling and its potential impact on ACOs, health plans and employers. We’ll also provide some best practices to help gear up for DPP for all populations at risk for Type 2 Diabetes, including Medicare beneficiaries.

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Driving Engagement in a Weight-Management Program

September 12, 2016

A proven model, tailored for relevance, drives outstanding results

In this live panel discussion, Advocate Health Care and Centura Health partnered up with Retrofit to explore the strategies they’ve used to drive 100% population engagement for the Retrofit Weight Management solution within their healthcare systems. In this webinar we discuss the proven engagement strategies that continue to drive success.

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