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Unique Perks

Employee happiness is our number one priority, so we trust and take care of our staff and offer benefits and perks that delight the team. This includes everything from the flexibility to work from home, standing and walking treadmill desks, healthy snacks and even yoga during company meetings. Here are additional benefits a Retrofitter can expect:

  • Competitive salaries & benefits
  • Employee stock options
  • Flexibility to work anywhere
  • Unlimited vacation time
  • Good Egg volunteer days

Our Values


    We speak our minds to get to the heart of the matter. We communicate with truth, transparency and respect.


    We don't just think differently, we do differently. We are intellectually curious, imagining and trying new approaches.


    We are passionate about delivering results. We are tenacious and resourceful.


    We are a genuine, compassionate, good-hearted bunch guided by our north star. No egos here.


    We get you. We anticipate what you need before you need it. True partnership. True happiness.



I was just thinking about this yesterday - why am I here and why do I love my job? I enjoy the work, and I have a great appreciation for our mission and values, but I think my favorite thing has to be the people I work with every day. I love my colleagues, my manager, and my team members - such a great group of good eggs, working together towards a common goal and with such great knowledge of and passion for their profession - and they're just kind, fun and funny, too!

Jaime Stratton

Team Lead, Weight Loss Expert, Registered Dietitian

I can't pick just one thing: working with AMAZING people, supportive management, flexible work schedule, trust in my co-workers/their trust in me, feeling needed and a valued part of the team, doing something truly impacting lives, opportunity to share my opinions and be heard...I could go on. Love this company!



Jade Peterson

Partner Account Manager

I love knowing that I am having a positive impact on the life of others through my coaching. Each and every time I receive positive feedback from a client commenting about my help it makes every single minute of work worth it.




Kim Allen

Behavior Coach

I thought it was impossible to find a company whose employees are friendly, brilliant, hard-working, AND have zero ego―until I started working at Retrofit. Every level of the organization truly supports and cares for each other. The work/life balance is consistently perfect, but even when a hectic day pops up, I know my ideas will be taken seriously, I'll be trusted to do my job well, I can rely wholeheartedly on my colleagues, and the work we accomplish together will help real people improve their lives.

Ryan Crawford

Content Product Manager

My favorite thing about working at Retrofit is the flexibility. Not only can you exercise flexibility within your schedule in order to embrace the Retrofit way of living, but you can also exercise it within your job role. There is always an opportunity to positively influence workflow and processes, and there is an opportunity to take on additional responsibilities if desired. I'm never bored and I never feel stuck.

Sara Garbin

Wellness Expert

Open Positions

Retrofit is seeking energetic, health-minded individuals to turn the tide on the obesity epidemic and drive sustainable weight-loss and disease-prevention results.