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Retrofit transforms lives and workplaces by improving health, happiness and performance.

Healthy Workplaces Choose Retrofit

Engagement and Outcomes

We have a great track record of getting employees into the program and keeping them engaged through completion. We're proud to boast 5 years of industry-leading outcomes. And we don't mind sharing - you'll be able to track aggregate weight loss, BMI changes, activity, lifestyle patterns, and engagement metrics in real-time.

96% percent of employees complete participation
87% percent of participating employees lose weight
76% of participating employees maintain their weight loss at 12 months

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We're passionate about helping employers tackle obesity and prevent obesity-related diseases and conditions. We offer 3 targeted, outcomes-based solutions: Retrofit, Retrofit for Metabolic Syndrome and Retrofit Diabetes Prevention Program. And our Healthy Living engagement platform helps build a culture of health to support your employee health improvement goals.

The following are key components of our Retrofit solution.

Personalized Coaching

Participants get one-on-one attention from an Expert Coach via videoconferencing and proactive feedback in the online dashboard.

A Smart App & Dashboard

The mobile app and web dashboard provide participants easy access to a personal command center to track their food, activity, sleep and weight. An Expert Coach follows along and ensure progress toward their personal goals.

Self-Monitoring Devices

Participants use a wireless activity tracker and wireless scale to automatically track their progress in the Dashboard.

Interactive Classes

Expert Coaches lead live, weekly classes on topics involving nutrition, exercise and mindset. Classes supplement personal coaching with fun, interactive education that inspires everyday strategies.

Online Community

Expert-moderated online communities provide peer support that builds and transforms culture. A personalized employer community page can integrate with your existing wellness program and serve as a participant engagement platform.

How We're Different

  • Built and Supported by the Best

    An evidence-based approach is built by the industry’s best & delivered by master-level experts.

  • Plays Well With Others

    Retrofit can be fully integrated with your wellness ecosystem or operate as a fully functional stand alone weight-focused solution.

  • Engagement That Inspires

    From initial participation to ongoing program engagement, data-driven consumer insights, 1:1 personalization and deep online & offline social connections drive unprecedented engagement.

  • An Experience Like No Other

    Today’s technologies, data insights and 1:1 personalization meet people where they are and evolve with them.

  • Healthier Living Your Way, Every Day

    Robust goal setting and a smart, dynamic platform develops daily healthy behaviors through skill-building curriculum and establishing healthy behaviors that make life more fun.


Organizations and clients love Retrofit. See what they have to say:


“Retrofit is a great partner that exceeded our expectations. Doubling our goal of 50 enrollees, 113 employees have lost a collective 800 pounds since September.”

Kathy Kostecki, Health & Welfare Manager

Public Service Enterprise Group

“Even though the initial investment seems expensive, Retrofit is the single action driver that has gotten results for people.”

David Morrison, Director of Total Rewards

Yum! Brands

“I work for Domino’s pizza, and I love pizza. I’ve learned that I can still eat pizza. I just have to be aware of portions and have fewer slices.”

Warren Boatright

Lost 50 pounds in 23 weeks

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