Our goal is to help you
live the life you love.

Our goal is to help you live the life you love.


The Tech

The Dashboard Brings the Human Touch to Data

Your personalized command center, the dashboard is where the real magic happens.

Log it Track your food, activity, and weight while your coaches follow along, keeping you focused on your personal goals.

Questions just for you Here, your coaches will customize your logs with key questions to help you become more mindful about your choices as you gradually make changes.

Activity and weight sync automatically Connect your Dashboard to your Wireless Activity Tracker and Wi-Fi Smart Scale and your activity, sleep and weight data are automatically uploaded daily.

Ask anytime No need to wait for your next coaching session. Stay in touch with your coaches anytime via your Online Dashboard.

Retrofit Me mobile app Update your dashboard on the go, through our mobile app. Your coaches give you real-time feedback via app and email to help you stay on track.

See how active you really are.

Few things are more motivating than making each step count on the road to achieving your weight loss goals. Make it fun to see how your everyday activity, not just exercise, adds up.

As an Expert client, you can connect your Dashboard to your Fitbit® One™ Wireless Activity Tracker and seamlessly sync your activity and sleep data. It's automatically uploaded to make charting your progress a breeze.

Fitbit® Aria™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Weighing yourself on a regular basis creates awareness and is an opportunity to chart results over time, keeping your motivation high. Our data shows a high correlation between regular weigh-ins and success with weight loss. Dare we say it's fun to step on this Wi-Fi scale?

The scale uses your local Wi-Fi connection
Each weigh-in is charted on your personal dashboard

The Fitbit scale should not be used by people with electronic implants such as pacemakers. In these cases, we suggest you utilize a traditional scale.

The Experts

Our experts give you a holistic, personalized weight loss plan.

Meet a few of them, below.

Registered Dietitians

Amy Margulies RD, CDE, LDN
Jaime Stratton MS, RDN
Christina Fitzgerald MS, RD, LDN

Can you live without red wine? Chocolate? You don't have to.

Your Registered Dietitian knows you'll lose weight and keep it off when you aren't deprived of your favorite foods. The Registered Dietitian will help you make mindful choices and show you how to include the foods you enjoy into your balanced plan. You’ll learn how to overcome emotional eating, better manage portions and even how to balance meals throughout the day so you feel satisfied and on track. Your Registered Dietitian will adapt your eating plan to meet your needs, whether you are gluten free, kosher, vegetarian or have any food sensitivities.

Exercise Physiologists

Scott Brunning MS, ACSM, NASM
Gary Ditsch MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Jade Peterson MS, ACSM, ACE

Afraid to exercise for health reasons? Ever wonder which exercises would work best for your body?

Our Exercise Physiologists have advanced degrees in rehabilitation science, kinesiology and nursing. They develop personalized activity plans based on their experience in clinical settings and their years of experience as certified personalized trainers. Knowing that small steps can make big changes, they create plans that are realistic and deliver results

Behavior Coaches

Jen Rose MSW, LCSW
Jennifer Plotnek MSW, LCSW
Kim Allen MSW, LCSW

Changing behavior is difficult, even when the results are positive. That's why your Behavior Coach will foster your motivation and keep you true to your personal goals. With advanced degrees in social work, counseling and related fields, our Behavior Coaches have the clinical experience needed to help you put yourself – and your health – first. Your Behavior Coach can help you develop stress reduction and mindfulness techniques and will work with you to set achievable goals. Together, you'll identify your personal strengths so you can use them as the foundation of long-term change, helping you to feel better physically and emotionally.

Unlike other weight loss
programs, Retrofit takes
a holistic approach.