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Retrofit transforms lives by improving health, happiness and performance.

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Retrofit offers a broad range of weight-loss and disease prevention products to reach populations at every risk level. Our flexible program design means each product scales to any size population to fit the needs of health plans, ACOs, and other types of healthcare organizations. Our robust integration capabilities enable strategic partners to extend their existing offerings and reach.

  • Flexibility
  • Integration
  • Data Insight
  • Scalability

Engagement and Outcomes

Data drives our clients forward and will give you transparency into our performance. You will be able to track weight, BMI changes, activity and lifestyle patterns in real-time.

96% percent of participants complete the program

87% percent of participants lose weight

76% of participants maintain their weight loss at 12 months

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Our Solutions

Addressing obesity and its related conditions, such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome, is our passion. Whether you represent a health plan, ACO, or other healthcare industry partner, we offer a unique portfolio of offerings that serve as components of an outcomes-based solution for every risk level of a population.


Our personalized weight loss coaching program boasts industry-leading outcomes. Participants lose weight and keep it off with the support of a smart Personal Dashboard, activity tracking devices, and personal attention from experienced clinicians.

Retrofit For Metabolic Syndrome

Our innovative Metabolic Syndrome program reduces participants’ risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke with a combination of activity tracking, engaging classes and educational resources, and personalized coaching.

Retrofit Diabetes Prevention Program

Retrofit DPP is a CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program designed as an intervention for individuals with prediabetes. Personalized coaching from experienced clinicians is enhanced with weekly classes, meal planning and logging, activity tracking, and peer support.

Retrofit Healthy Weight

Retrofit Healthy Weight puts our Expert Coaches at your population’s fingertips. Participants contact an Expert Coach whenever needed and receive the personal attention they need.

Retrofit Healthy Living

Designed as an engaging program for broader populations, Retrofit Healthy Living combines original healthy lifestyle content and classes to educate and encourage healthy habits that become integrated into participants’ lives.

How We're Different:

  • Built and Supported by the Best

    An evidence-based approach is built by the industry’s best & delivered by master-level experts.

  • Plays Well With Others

    Retrofit can be fully integrated with your wellness ecosystem or operate as a fully functional stand alone weight-focused solution.

  • Engagement That Inspires

    From initial participation to ongoing program engagement, data-driven consumer insights, 1:1 personalization and deep online & offline social connections drive unprecedented engagement.

  • An Experience Like No Other

    Today’s technologies, data insights and 1:1 personalization meet people where they are and evolve with them.

  • Healthier Living Your Way, Every Day

    Robust goal setting and a smart, dynamic platform develops daily healthy behaviors through skill-building curriculum and establishing healthy behaviors that make life more fun.


Partners love Retrofit. See what they have to say:


"I just want to say how the Retrofit success has really enhanced the launch of Limeade and the pilot success is helping to drive how executive leadership is seeing this integrated and enhanced wellness offering being delivered."

Christine Hall, Benefits & Integration Manager

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

“Through this partnership with Retrofit, we are thrilled to be able to offer patients a personalized, holistic weight-loss program for managing their health and wellness to thwart the onset of type 2 diabetes.”

Brenda Schmidt, CEO

Solera Health

"To say that Retrofit has had a positive impact on our participants is an understatement. Never before have I seen the participants at this site so excited about a program."

Nicole Jourdan, Healthe You® Coordinator

Advocate Health Care

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