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Rickey Glover, Age 30

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Rickey's Timeline


March 31, 2012: 289.4 Pounds

I picked up The Atlantic magazine and read about this company called Retrofit that took a behavior modification approach to weight loss. I liked the idea of expert coaching and tracking wirelessly. I wanted to give Retrofit a try.

Retrofit's quiz identifies your biggest weight loss challenges. Your expert team helps you overcome them.

Client notes

June 15, 2012: 285.3 Pounds

The positive feedback from my Retrofit team was amazing and kept me going. At the beginning, Jen helped me set up my wireless tracking devices. Kathryn, my Registered Dietitian, helped in so many ways from small tips on how to manage social obligations to working with me closely on exactly what I was going to eat for breakfast to get enough protein.

Client notes


July 10th, 2012: 270.0 Pounds

Gary, my Exercise Physiologist, helped me start to build my strength. Looking back, I started pretty slow with the 18 minute mile recorded below.

Client notes


October 27th, 2012: 224.5 Pounds

Kathryn, my Registered Dietitian, reviewed all of my food choices and continued to reinforce simple rules for me when social situations made it difficult to make good choices.

Client notes


March 31, 2013: 213.0 Pounds

Gary was now encouraging me to really build endurance and speed.

Client notes

And the training worked. Over time I cut my original 18 minute mile down to 9 minutes. I was so proud that I tweeted my success.

Client notes


May 23rd, 2013: 199.5 Pounds

Throughout the program, Matt my Behavior Coach, helped me to understand some of the changes in mindset I was going through. I had always identified myself as this "big guy" that I no longer was. He helped me to feel comfortable throughout the transition and identify small behaviors along the way that led to my big results.

Client notes

Rickey Working Out

“Retrofit Worked
For Me”

Retrofit gave me the team and knowledge I needed to lose weight. It's difficult to describe how much better my life is. I'm active. I tire my son out. My whole life is better.

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