Your Three Wellness Experts

In contrast with most other weight loss programs that address only one aspect of weight loss - usually either diet or exercise — Retrofit takes a holistic approach. Not only does Retrofit address both nutrition and physical activity, it tackles the motivator behind both: mindset.

Accordingly, Retrofit clients receive a team of three wellness experts: a Registered Dietitian, an Exercise Physiologist and a Behavior Coach.

A Customized Team Approach

The three wellness experts work together to design a long-term weight loss plan that is customized for your needs and preferences.

The results of your Lifestyle Patterns Inventory form their starting point. The Inventory identifies the key behavior patterns that need to change for truly lasting weight loss success.

Each member of your expert team identifies strategies for overcoming your current barriers to weight loss that are actionable. The Retrofit approach to all three areas is to make small, incremental changes that are sustainable within your lifestyle.

Those kinds of changes add up to make a big difference over time.

The members of your expert team are professionals who are uniquely motivated for your long-term health and success. They are rewarded based on your achieving a medically significant 10% or 15% reduction in body weight at the end of your full year in the program.

Registered Dietitians

Retrofit maintains high standards for selecting experts. We only select Registered Dietitians who are noted in the top 10% of their peer group and bring a wealth of direct client experience in weight loss and wellness.

Like all of our wellness experts, they are guided by protocols established by the Retrofit Advisory Board.

Your Registered Dietitian will begin by assessing your current nutrition and help you make small changes that can be incorporated daily.

At first your Dietitian will invite you to share your current eating patterns. There is no judgment — just understanding and discovery. Your Dietitian will not try to fit you into a cookie cutter plan, but will work with you on identifying your biggest challenge and overcoming that specific roadblock.

Depending on a client's needs, that may mean a laser focus on controlling portion size, adjusting the frequency of meals and snacks, or addressing the root cause of an emotionally triggered eating pattern.

Our Registered Dietitians will help in the specific ways you need. For example, if eating out is a frequent necessity your Dietitian may review the restaurant menu that is your biggest challenge and point out specific choices that are good options.

As you conquer specific challenges together, your Dietitian will help you balance your plate, feel satiated after every meal and snack, meet your nutritional needs, and establish the daily eating patterns needed to keep the weight off for life.

Exercise Physiologists

With a degree in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science or Kinesiology, your Retrofit Exercise Physiologist will guide you step by step to incorporate physical activity specifically chosen to meet your time constraints and abilities.

Retrofit values regular, daily activity as the strong foundation of a healthy lifestyle. This means your Exercise Physiologist will work with you to make your work hours less sedentary and your non-work hours more active.

As you make progress, or if you begin the program with an exercise routine, your Exercise Physiologist will provide strategies for enhancing your physical activity. The focus will be on making your workouts more efficient to meet your personal weight loss goals.

Behavior Coaches

Retrofit's Behavior Coaches are masters-level educated experts with experience in guiding behavior change. Like all of our wellness experts, they are selected from the top 10% of their peer group.

Their focus is on helping clients overcome barriers to making consistently healthy choices.

Many of our clients have been successful in losing weight short-term, but have not been able to keep the weight off long-term. Retrofit differs from other weight loss programs in its consistent focus on the development of daily habits that support weight mastery for a lifetime.

The Behavior Coach meets with you privately via online video sessions. He or she provides the support clients need to bridge the gap between knowing what they should be doing and actually taking on those behaviors consistently.

Your Behavior Coach helps you set the conditions for success and focus on sustainable, long-term behavior modification that will improve all aspects of your health and wellness.