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The average active Retrofit client loses 1/2 to 1 pound each week during the weight loss phase of the program. Everyone is different so your results may vary. Your team of 3 dedicated experts will build your unique program to help you overcome your specific challenges.

Jeff Hyman Talks About Corporate Weight Loss on Bloomberg Radio

Jeff Hyman is interviewed on Bloomberg Radio on the topics or corporate weight loss, losing weight successfully and how Retrofit addresses the diet and weight problems most people have. Listen in on this interview with Pimm Fox and Carol Massar on Taking Stock.

Obesity & Weight Loss: Retrofit CEO Jeff Hyman at TEDxNaperville

The national obesity epidemic in the U.S. presents many real challenges to successful personal weight loss. Although most American adults attempt to lose weight every year, they commonly find that diets don't work - even when they do achieve weight loss, it's only temporary. Jeff Hyman, CEO at Retrofit, presents some findings on what needs to be done in order to lose weight successfully and effectively fight the spread of obesity. Watch this enlightening TEDx talk!

Low Calorie Thanksgiving Dinner Tips from Weight Loss Coach Julie Vuksic

Healthy Thanksgiving recipes & healthy meal ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner menu from weight loss coach Julie Vuksic at Retrofit Weight Loss. Are you planning your Thanksgiving dinner menu and looking for healthy meal ideas? Learn how to make a low calorie pumpkin pie, low-fat food preparation methods and other healthy holiday recipes. Julie gives some tips for healthy Thanksgiving dishes to help you have a low calorie dinner without giving up the delicious holiday foods you love!

Retrofit Client and Chef, Joe Russo, on KUTV

Retrofit client and chef, Joe Russo, lost 30 pounds on the Retrofit program. In this segment on KUTV, he shares Retrofit's Salmon Cake recipe, some of his healthy eating tips, and a bit of his weight loss story during this cooking segment. Russo reveals that a combination of healthy eating and portion control were important for his success, thanks to the support of his team of Retrofit wellness experts: a registered dietitian, an exercise physiologist, and a behavior coach. They helped him change his habits to lose weight and keep it off. View this recipe, along with hundreds of other great healthy choices, at

Jeff Hyman, Retrofit CEO, Speaks at Startup Grind

Retrofit CEO, Jeff Hyman, speaks at Chicago's Startup Grind. Hyman discusses his passion for being a serial entrepreneur and how he started Retrofit, the weight loss program for busy professionals. Hyman touches on experiences from his past startups, along with his personal weight loss journey. Hyman credits part of the success of his innovative health and wellness company to the strong team he recruited for the high-tech, digital healthcare company that delivers remarkable outcomes for weight loss to individuals and corporations nationwide. Hyman reveals some secrets to his success as he works to combat America's obesity epidemic through the Retrofit weight loss corporate weight loss program.