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On Location: Brad Feld of Foundry Group: Retrofit Weight Loss is One-on-One

Brad Feld, Managing Director of the Foundry Group, explains how the Retrofit Weight Loss program relies on the power of private one-on-one coaching with trained experts. In addition to providing wireless devices that track progress, Retrofit connects each client with an exercise physiologist, registered dietitian and behavior coach. Clients meet regularly with their expert team online and communicate via Retrofit's proprietary online dashboard, making the program extremely convenient for busy lifestyles.

Video Transcription

I much prefer having that coach, that person who is available to me continually, and who's interacting with me one on one. It's private lessons versus group lessons. I want a private lesson. I don't want a group lesson. I can afford a private lesson and I've had plenty of group lessons, but I really enjoy the private lesson because it's a chance for me to work with a person rather than sort of the more generic.

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