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On Location: David Cohen, TechStars, and Brad Feld, Foundry Group, on Losing Weight with Retrofit

David Cohen, Founder and CEO of TechStars, and Brad Feld, Managing Director of the Foundry Group, explain how the Retrofit Weight Loss program fits into their busy lives as venture capitalists. These entrepreneurs are constantly on the go and needed to learn how to incorporate healthy behaviors into their busy lifestyles. Retrofit Weight Loss was the solution. Each Retrofit client receives a wireless scale that tracks lean mass and BMI, as well as a wireless physical activity tracker. Both of these devices report to an online dashboard. In addition, clients get a personal weight loss team including a behavior coach, exercise physiologist and registered dietitian. They give customized advice via regular online communication and tailor the program to each client's weight loss needs.

Video Transcription

David: I'm David Cohen, and I'm the founder and CEO of TechStars.

Brad: Brad Feld, I'm one of the partners at Foundry Group, which is a venture capital firm in Boulder.

David: TechStars is a mentorship drive startup accelerator. We take the best entrepreneurs from around the country and surround them with amazing mentors.

Brad: I'm also a co-founder of TechStars, with David Cohen, and my partners at Foundry and I all have been very involved in helping TechStars grow as an organization.

Man: Entrepreneurial types really like the technology. They're very data driven. They like to track things. They like to look at how stock prices have changed or trends. And what today's technology allows you to do is to very accurately track your weight, your behaviors. So they can look at their past progress. They can see trends. And I think it's a huge motivator.

David: What attracted me to it was the sort of data driven, you know, pure accountability so you get people that would help you through the journey.

Man: Because that sort of feedback, helps you understand the effectiveness of the behavior changes you're trying to achieve.

Brad: Retrofit was the first time that I felt like there was something that fit within the way I lived.

David: In the venture capital industry, you're running around looking for the best opportunities. And, you know, when you're on the road, it's, for me that's always been where I struggled. You know, you're eating out three times a day. You don't really get much exercise if you're in New York City, you know, walking a couple of blocks between meetings. And so that was where I really had to learn some techniques for eating better or, you know, sneaking in a little exercise. The folks who were helping me at Retrofit were really great in giving me those ideas.

Brad: It was mostly applying some very discrete rules to certain eating patterns that I felt like were long-term sustainable.

David: Retrofit would help you fit it into your life. The people are amazing. They give you great advice. They customize it, tailor it. It doesn't matter how busy you are, you can find time to do this for yourself, and it really works.

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