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Success Stories: Retrofit Weight Loss Client Story: Amy, Market Research Consultant, Age 40

Amy shares her weight loss story, from her first interview at just 3 weeks into the Retrofit Weight Loss program to week 30. Her behavior coach helped her to embrace the fact that there is no finish line in weight loss, just embracing healthier habits for life. Congratulations, Amy on beating your weight loss goal, but more importantly on your wonderful healthy outlook!

Video Transcription

If you could tell me a year from now that I had peace of mind on this and that I was in control, it's worth more money than I have. I've been on the program 30 weeks and I've lost about 15.6% of my body weight and it's 30.2 pounds as of this morning.

I've lost 35 pounds twice, other times, on other programs. I've obviously gained it back, and I've gained weight through pregnancy, so that's what I want to be different. I want it to stay off because I've made changes that are sustainable.

My husband's also on the program and I think he's done great. He looks great. He's changed eating habits. I think he's really happy that I'm on a road to sort of sustainable good eating habits, which helps the whole family. So, it just helps to start a program and start working with experts and start hearing what they have to say and start tracking your weight.

I approached the program as, okay, I'm going to learn from these experts. I'm going to learn what I'm doing wrong. I'm going to learn how I can manage my eating and my health, and see where that takes me. Then over the course, the weight loss came which is sort of exactly what the experts say when they talk to you, "We're not so worried about every last detail. It'll show up on the scale later. Just start changing behavior."

When you have to write it down every single day and I made a pact with myself I was not going to lie. Because every day I'd be like, "Oh, okay, maybe I won't put that on my log." Every time I started to say that I was like, "What's the point of that? Put it on your log, every single thing," and as soon as I started doing that, seeing it in writing makes you change your behavior.

You, as a person, as the participant, have to decide that you’re going to put the work in, as there is no magic bullet. One of my big motivators is, I'm tired of only having the kids in the pictures. Everywhere I take pictures, even the Christmas cards I just want to have the kids because I don't want to be in pictures.

After that, I forced myself to be in our holiday picture. So, I was in our Christmas card, and that was kind of one of my mental healing things that the program's helped. I think that's why I haven't had these monumental....

I sort of forced myself to accept myself at that weight, and I was in the holiday pictures. Part of me even getting my head around sort of healthy weight management, we'll call it, was stopping some of the things, like not being in the pictures because you don't like the way your weight is.

And so, I feel like I've come a long way and it's well worth it. I mean, I'm very optimistic about sort of being this person that's successful the rest of their life at this. That's how I think about it. That's how I think about Retrofit. It's not a program with this finite end. It's a way of life.

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