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Success Stories: Retrofit Weight Loss Client Story: Kilby, VP Global Operations, Age 41

Kilby shares his experiences on the Retrofit Weight Loss program from week three to week 30. The results of his company physical were much better with the weight he lost. Congratulations to Kilby on the pounds lost and the health gained!

Video Transcription

Well I definitely want to be around for my daughters later on in life, walk them down the aisle. But right now it's really about being able to play and engage with them. They have so much energy.

Well, this year as part of our health insurance we had to do a screening. I tell you, when I got my results back I was really pumped. My blood pressure was back to normal. My cholesterol was perfect, and there's still an amount of weight that I lost, so it was a pretty good feeling. Week 30 in the program, and I lost 25 pounds.

Well, fortunately for me it's been a pretty linear progress. I just watched the program and the weight just seemed to come off. But now, it becomes a real key, is the sustainability, and like I said before, this is not really a program. It's a way you change your life and just continue to stick with it.

The reason why I think Retrofit works for me is because I've been able to integrate it into just my normal life. It's not something I think about. It's not something I have to go do. I don't have to measure. I don't have to count. You use the tools, the tools give you the feedback, and it just becomes part of your normal activities.

It's really helped me, once again, with energy at work, focus at work. I have lost the 25 pounds, so I do feel better about myself. But the big change has been just the increase in my stamina.

Well, the neat thing about it, I'm doing it with my wife and so it is a competition. We're using it to really help encourage each other. She's my support and I'm her support. Yes, we're competing. I think my wife is a little bit ahead of me, but we'll see what happens in the end.

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