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Success Stories: Retrofit Weight Loss Client Story: Scott, Sports Agent, Age 48

Scott has been changing the way he eats, exercises, and thinks about his health with Retrofit Weight Loss. His expert team helps him keep his activity, weight, and sleep data all heading in the right direction, delivering a 15% weight loss in week 23 of the program. Congrats to Scott!

Video Transcription

My biggest motivation for losing weight is kind of an overall health issue. I'm getting older, and my kids are getting older and I want to be around for a long time. So, I thought it was time to step up and take the steps.

I've been in the program for 23 weeks. I've lost 38 pounds which is about 15%. I was getting to a certain point in my life and age-wise that I know I needed to make some changes for my overall health. Hearing about the program was just that little nudge that I needed. This is a program I decided to do, because I felt it was a much smarter and intelligent approach to it.

One of the great strengths of the Retrofit program is how personal it is. Working with my behavior coach, it was about understanding how the Retrofit program would complement what I'm trying to do in my life, and not necessarily forcing me to change everything about my life to fit the Retrofit program.

I think the Retrofit program would be very successful for business men and people who are on the go because it can fit into your life where you can do it anywhere. With Skype you could be on the road traveling and still make your appointments and still stay on track.

The Retrofit program has given me permission, and I certainly communicate it to my family that this is a priority, so that first thing Saturday morning if I'm going off to the gym for an hour, an hour and a half, it's understood and that's what it is. So, there's a lot more support there. There's no question about, "Oh do you really need to do it now?" It's, "We'll see you when you get back."

Long-term I think that what the Retrofit program has allowed me to do is to stay on track because it's not overly complicated. It's not particularly arduous and it's not about starving yourself. So, it's about being really smart about how you eat and how you're exercising and how you're sleeping. So, I feel very confident because I think that the choices and the changes that I've made have been very subtle, but have really paid off.

I'd like to demonstrate to my children the importance of making small changes and sticking to a program, sticking to a plan to accomplish one's goals, whether that's in school or in sports or in health. I don't know why I didn't do it before, because it's been pretty natural to do it this time.

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