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On Location: Turning Weight Loss Resolutions into Reality for Contest Winners

Retrofit is setting an example of its strong commitment to combating obesity in the workplace by giving almost $300,000 of weight loss services to qualifying employees at one lucky company. Earlier this year, VISTA Staffing Solutions in Salt Lake City, Utah, was selected as the winner of the "Retrofit My Company" Contest. Employees of VISTA share their motivations for starting their weight loss journey with Retrofit.

Video Transcription

Jake Dekelver: Let's be realistic. I'm fat.

Rachel Boyer: I was born at 6 pounds and 15 ounces. It's been continual gain since then.

Reporter: One Salt Lake City company got a big boost for their New Year's Resolution. VISTA Staffing Solutions won a nationwide contest to get free personal training for the entire year. Retrofit choose the Utah-based company after a two-month long search for the most deserving group of employees.

Clarke Shaw: VISTA does a great job of providing healthcare for others. This opportunity allows VISTA to provide healthcare for the employees.

Jeff Hyman: It's really rewarding to be able to come to a company and give them such an incredible gift, especially at the beginning of a new year, with the promise of new hope.

We are really, especially excited. It's January 2nd, when so many Americans make New Year's resolutions, in fact, two-thirds, and we are surprising VISTA Staffing Solutions, which is based here in Salt Lake City. They are the grand winner of the Retrofit My Company contest.

VISTA has been selected as the winner.

We've got to get this started off and rolling. We need some volunteers.

Rich Interdonato: VISTA provides healthcare to the consumer by allowing physicians to work in places where maybe they wouldn't otherwise. Our job to make that happen requires sitting at a desk for many, many long hours. With Retrofit, when you have the opportunity to intervene for an entire year, the year would be an excellent way to make all the difference in somebody's life. It would be a life-changing experience for sure. I think the change will be very significant for us, and it will probably show up in the bottom line.

Kim Cogsdil I get known a lot of times in the office as being the woman who wears scarves, whether it's summer, whether it's winter. My hope next year is that if anybody ever really asks I always tell them the reason why I wear the scarves is because they hold in my three chins. My hope for this time next year is that I am scarf-free.

Richard Lobato: I grew up playing sports, and I'm very competitive. I like to be successful.

Joe Russo: I was very fit. I was exercising four to five hours a day. Then I had a family and now I concentrate on my kids.

Rachel Boyer: I want to lose weight I think, primarily, because of my family. I have two young boys. I have a 4-year old and I have an 11-month old. They are the most precious things to me in the world. They're both my little miracle boys. We added them to our family through the miracle of adoption. As somebody who never thought she'd be able to have kids, I want to lose weight to be able to enjoy every second of those two boys.

Bart Hoenes: As you get a bit older, you can feel a little bit more of what the weight does to you and how it affects your joints. In my case, I'm a runner. I would like to run a little bit faster. I think the fact that Retrofit is here to help us will help productivity here. It's a great benefit going forward.

Denyce McKee: Having a healthy lifestyle, whether it's losing weight, or eating right, or exercising, all of those things, I have been in a place in my life where I have done those well and felt great. I just hope that a year from now I'm sitting back and thinking, "All right. I'm in the right place. I got it all done at the right time. "I'm making some time for myself to do that.

Christina Davis: I am a diabetic and I need to make the changes needed.

Gordon Stipanovich: Yeah, my weight gets in the way of a lot of different things, quite honestly, from the simplest things, like tying your shoe. I've noticed that people that are overweight they tie their shoe on the inside of their shoe, instead of in the middle. That's one thing. But walking up stairs, getting outside and hiking, and doing all of those things that require you to exert some cardio, with the extra weight on, it's just almost impossible to do any of those types of things. So this is exciting for me.

Jake Dekelver: When I look in the mirror right now, I look at myself forwards, and I'm not that bad. I look at myself sideways, and I am shocked and appalled and a little ashamed. I shouldn't have the spare tire giant gut that I have. I used to be big into swimming. I sink more now than swim. I'm doing this thing as I swim instead of this thing.

Angela Prosienski: My priority is to feel better, to like the way I look in certain clothing, not be embarrassed to be in a swimsuit when I take my kids to the pool. So it's just kind of the overall package, but mainly for my kids. This gift that he's given us is just over the top. I know, besides myself, there's so many people that are just ecstatic to get started and so excited that we won. Thank you to Rich and thank you to Retrofit. This is just amazing.

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