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Retrofit weight loss coaches reveal the best in you. As specialists in their respective fields, they can customize a weight loss plan targeting your specific needs.

Depending on the Retrofit program you choose, you can work with a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, or wellness expert. Or even a team of all three. Choose from a range of Retrofit programs and choose the level of coaching right for you.

Retrofit wellness coaching gives you access to:

  • Registered Dietitians
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Wellness Experts

They help you lose weight with these tools:

wellness coaching

Retrofit Me Mobile App

This customizable app makes it easier for you to develop smarter, healthier eating habits.

wellness coaching

Fitbit® Wireless Devices

Use either the Fitbit® One™ or Fitbit® Zip™ depending on the program you choose.

wellness coaching

Fitbit® Aria™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Easily track your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI. Sync the data with your computer to chart your progress.

wellness coaching


Through Skype™ videoconference, meet with your coach or team of coaches between one to three times per month depending on the program you choose.

wellness coaching

Your Personal Online Dashboard

Track your personal progress and stay connected to your coach or team of coaches.

4 out of 5 of Retrofit clients are losing weight. You can too. No matter which Retrofit coaching option you choose, you can discover significant improvement in both physical and mental wellness. So whatever hurdles you face, your coach can help you leap them. With Retrofit, you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish.


Take a look at all Retrofit programs. There's an option that will fit your lifestyle. Just select the one right for you. Whichever you choose, you'll be on your way to being healthier and happier.


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Jade Peterson
Retrofit Exercise Physiologist

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